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  1. We ensure strict compliance with our contract quantities for each project and maintain backup samples for re-orders or other needs.
  2. Alongside our product quantity guarantee, TALMUD also commits to meeting contract specifications for our packaging and accessories quantities.

As a first custom souvenir and gift wholesale factory, TALMUD is your trusted partner in ensuring every order meets your precise quantity requirements.



1, At TALMUD, we specialize in crafting premium, high-quality souvenirs and gifts. Our team is dedicated to ensuring the excellence of our products.

2, Quality is essential for our customers, particularly for our модни и луксозни марки.

3, For our valued strategic customers and souvenir wholesalers, TALMUD guarantees 100% high quality for your retail needs.

4, Our expert consulting team offers you a different quality option tailored to your brand and market positioning. We assist you in establishing a fitting quality system for your local market.


1, Design is the heart of the gift and souvenir industry, with color being the perfect canvas for expressing its essence.

2, TALMUD Factory boasts state-of-the-art printing machinery and a skilled team dedicated to bringing your design visions to life.

3, We create reproductions of renowned artists’ masterpieces for daily training, instilling a deep appreciation for originality in our sales, purchasing, and production teams.

4, TALMUD diligently preserves every customer’s bulk production samples, ensuring that re-orders maintain consistent color with previous batches.



1, Price Stability Commitment. Our management team at TALMUD is committed to maintaining stable prices for 2 to 3 years, ensuring our long-term cooperation, and giving our strategic customers a competitive edge.

2, Global Gift and Souvenir Expertise. With a deep understanding of global gift and souvenir markets, we approach pricing with an altruistic logic, ensuring fairness for our different customers and orders.

3, Multi-Currency Payment Solutions. To minimize currency exchange costs, we offer flexible multi-currency payment programs, empowering you to gain a stronger competitive advantage.

4, Proven Supply Chain Advantage. Over the past two decades, TALMUD’s recognized expertise in supply chain management has allowed us to establish a pricing advantage. This has enabled our customers from diverse countries to not only achieve profits but also dominate their respective markets.


1, TALMUD started in the fast-paced world of promotional gifts and souvenirs, where timely delivery is essential.

2, Timeliness is key in the souvenir business too. TALMUD’s dedicated production teams work around the clock to cut down production time and minimize inventory risks.

3, Partnering with TALMUD means having a time-savvy professional by your side. We’re committed to being your top choice among global souvenir wholesalers, enhancing efficiency, and reducing operating costs.


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